Sleeping Tips

Tip 1: Choose a standard wake-up time and stick to it every day regardless of how much sleep you actually get on any given night
Tip 2: While in bed, you should avoid doing things that you do when you are wake, in particular screen time
Tip 3: Never stay in bed, either at the beginning of the night or during the middle of the night, for extended periods without being asleep
Tip 4: Dont worry, mull over your problems, plan future events, or do other thinking while in bed
Tip 5: Unless you are cramming for an upcoming and need to download a large amount of information, avoid all daytime napping—remember to strengthen rather than weaken, your sleep drive for night time sleep
Tip 6: Go to bed when youre sleepy but endeavor to stay with your schedule so that you dont oversleep
Tip 7: These are survival tips to get you back to sleep—theyll get you started but not critical after insomnia is no longer an issue.

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