Child Custody Mediation: Becoming Parenting Partners for Life

Caught in the turmoil of divorce, thousands of separating couples each year give control over to family court mediators recommendations which the judge often rubber stamps regarding the health and welfare of their children. These are good parents that give over control to the court out of ignorance, helplessness, and fear. These parents didn’t want to entrust some of the most important decisions effecting their child’s future over to the hands of legal professionals they just didn’t think they had a choice and were probably too overwhelmed, hurt or angry with their spouse to see their children were becoming collateral damage in divorce.

Before you find yourself waiting for this roll the dice approach to your child’s future, we advise that you and your spouse create: (1) A parenting plan thats truly focused on your child’s best interest; (2) a visitation schedule which allows your child to spend time with both parents while also considering safety, security and nurturing family environments and; (3) both your parenting and visitation plans be evaluated within the context of a kind therapeutic atmosphere where together, with people you have come to know and trust, you can learn ways of coping better with the frustration, resentment, hurt and pain that often comes with divorce.

When parents are put their own disagreements aside in matters concerning their children and become true parenting partners they are able to bring the harsh feelings of divorce under control in the best interest of their children. Parenting partners find they are able to become the kind of parent(s) they have always wanted to become for their children despite their own marital discord. When it comes to the best interest of the child making decisions regarding child care, custody and visitation are really only in the child’s best interest when decisions are made as parenting partners

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